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Our experience

Satel Conseil International can intervene anywhere along the chain of the operations related to the satellite from the mission requirements up to the start up of operational services, through the definition of the satellites, the manufacturing, the launch and the in orbit positioning.

SCI also intervenes, often within the framework of partnerships, in many general studies related to economy, technical, even financial or legal, always in the space field. Moreover, thanks to their broad competences, the specialists of SCI are sometimes called as experts in litigations between industrial suppliers and their clients.

Prospective studies concerning communications traffic, as well as technical and economic aspects

SCI has perrformed tudies in many domains, in particular TV broadcasting, aeronautical and maritime services, mobile services, navigation/localisation.
For the Galileo programme, cost evaluation of the system has been recently performed by SCI for the Galileo Joint Undertaking, then for the Galileo Supervisory Authority, thus contributing to the recent restart of this key European Programme.

Market and feasibility studies

SCI has performed studies for the European Space Agency (ESA), either as prime or sub-contractor to major companies such as Alcatel Space, Vitrociset, Detecon and others. Among these studies, it is worth noting:

   - satellite communications with mobiles
   - future DBS satellites generation planning
   - procurement processes for application satellites
   - remote surveillance
   - monitoring satellite services
   - Air Traffic Control for Inmarsat

Feasibility studies also have been performed for a number of customers, such as Russia, the Andean countries, Mexico, Japan, Middle East countries.

Support for System Design and Project Development

Studies and support have been performed for operators of various countries such as:
Argentina, Colombia, Ivory Coast, Africa (Rascom), Hungaria, ASETA (Andean Countries - Condor), Indonesia (Palapa C), Saudi Arabia, South Korea (ETRI, Koreasat 1), Suparco (Paksat-1R) in support of Detecon, Yahsat in support of IABG.

Support for Localization and Navigation Systems Design

   - Analysis of frequencies for GNSS 2 (ESA)
   - Strategic study for a European GNSS 2 (EU – DG Tren)
   - Methodology study for the validation of the use of GNSS (EU – DG Tren)

   - Galileo Programme cost evaluation and business plan (EU – DG Tren through PricewaterhouseCoopers)
   - Galileo system cost estimate updating for Galileo Joint Undertaking
   - Estimate of potential Galileo Programme cost overrun in case of programme delays (GJU)
   - Analysis and evaluation of the costs related to the Galileo Infrastructure (Galileo Supervisory Authority)

Support for Spacecraft Procurement

 Evaluation of industrial offers and recommandations for bidder’s selection
 Support for contract negotiations
 Assistance of expert teams for:
   - monitoring of satellite manufacturing
   - assembly, integration and tests
   - implementation of TT&C stations
   - launch campaigns
   - low earth orbit positioning (LEOP)
   - in orbit acceptance tests (IOT)

Assistance in frequency/orbital location and coordination with other satellite systems
Frequency coordination forms part of the services provided by SCI for developing new orbital frequency spectrum assets for our clients and protecting their interests with regard to their rights to use such frequencies in the framework of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). 

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