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Monitoring and Control

The Monitoring and Control (M&C) of spacecraft construction by a consultant contributes greatly to the achievement of a satellite system.  The technical activities involved in satellite construction and launch services require a multi-disciplinary team.

The M&C activities start from the effective date of the contract (EDC) through the overall program development, until the launch, in-orbit tests and final system acceptance review.

The technical objectives of the M&C are essentially :
• To ensure that the technical specifications of the spacecraft reflect all the mission and services requirements from the Client
• To check that the spacecraft design meets the technical specifications with enough margins
• To ensure that the spacecraft is properly manufactured and tested
• To check that the spacecraft and ground support facility is ready for launch
• To verify that the satellite health and status through the serial operations of Low Earth Orbit Positioning (LEOP) and In Orbit Tests (IOT)
• To monitor the validation of overall system performance in the final phase of in-orbit acceptance


Critical Program Reviews

For each critical program review event such as:
- Satellite Preliminary Design Review (PDR)
- Satellite Critical Design Review (CDR)
- Satellite Control Centre (SCC) Field Acceptance Tests (FAT)
- Satellite Preshipment Review (PSR)

the consultant has to :
• Review the contractor’s design review packages
• Perform the necessary analysis required to validate the units and subsystems described and compare the performance with the contract requirements
• Review the design specifications and test plans, test specifications and procedures
• Identify potential risks, problem areas and recommend appropriate actions to minimize overall satellite program risk
• Submit advance comments and questions to the contractor prior to the review
• Attend the review and provide all necessary technical and management input to the process, including advice and support to the Client’s representatives.

Program Monitoring

During the design phase of the satellite, the consultant must :
• attend progress management meetings with the contractor and provide comment on those reviews to the Client via regular reports
• review qualifications and acceptance test specifications and procedures
• participate in change review board actions and failure review board actions.

Assembly Integration and Tests
Assembly Integration and Tests

During the Assembly Integration and Tests (AIT) phase of the program, the Consultant must :
• attend progress management meetings with the contractor and provide comment on those reviews to the Client via regular reports
• review End Item Date packages for units and subsystems as they become available
• review product assurance failure reports and associated corrective actions
• review non-conformance closeout reports
• witness satellite-level assembly, integration and test operations
• participate in contractor status meetings, test review meetings and test review boards.

Mission Planning and Deployment

During the Mission planning, review and deployment phases the Consultant must :
• review the documentation status and operation plans for early orbit operations (LEOP)
• monitor the activities for preparation and coordination of the ground operations system network
• monitor the preparation and transmission of commands
• monitor the preparation and execution of subsystem functional tests prior to the manoeuvres
• participate in mission review after completion of satellite positioning.

Launch Services Program

During this phase of the program, the Consultant must :

• attend critical program meetings, e.g. Program Kick-off, preliminary and final Mission reviews
• attend progress management meetings with the contractor (satellite manufacturer and launch services provider) and provide comments on those reviews to the Client via regular reports
• review documentation as appropriate.

Launch Campaign

During the launch campaign, the consultant on the launch site must :
• witness the final assembly and performance testing of the satellite
• witness the integration and check out activities of the satellite
• participate in the combined operations activities of the integration of the spacecraft with the launch vehicle and any co-passenger spacecraft
• participate in meetings for identification of go – no go criteria
• participate in launch readiness review, launch rehearsal and count down operations
• participate in post launch review.

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