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Legal notice
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Images from JupiterImages

A license agreement was signed between Makoa and Jupiter Images which allows integration of the images of the Fixed price Unlimited Premium subscription into the supports of communication carried out by Makoa for Satel Conseil International.
Copyright concerning the images from the Jupiter Images image bank:

These images are covered by a copyright and are protected by the various laws from the United States, the international treaties and other applicable laws. They remain the exclusive property of JupiterImages or of its partners.

The technical copyright and credit notice is reproduced beside the image or images on a page of references in the form; “© [current year] JupiterImages”.

Images from other sources

Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES)
Satel Conseil International uses to illustrate its Web site certain images coming from the photographic library of CNES. In order to meet the industrial property conditions of CNES and the associated rights of use, the photographs used are referenced below:

1) Photograph: De-orbitation of the ATV Jules Verne. CNES/PIRAUD Herve, 2008. Ref. P 33240_HD.jpg

2) Photograph: Integration of the satellite Parasol. CNES/DUMAS Patrick, 2004. Ref.: P 28847.

The 2 photographs used in this site from the photographic library of Arianespace are of ARIANE 5 launches, used in the header of the site and in the launch campaign article.
Photograph of the Emergesat station, used in the header of the site
Personal data

Visitors to the site URL are not required to declare their identity nor to provide personal information.

Satel Conseil International will not reveal to any third party any personal data which you may communicate to it by means of email. They would be used only with the aim of providing the most effective answer possible.

Links to other sites
In order to facilitate access to other sites likely to bring complementary information, Satel Conseil International has included a certain number of links in the site. Nevertheless, the responsibility of Satel Conseil International or the designer of the Internet site, namely the company Makoa, can not be committed in the name of a third site to which the visitor would have access via this one. Satel Conseil International has no control over the contents of these third sites. In no event is Satel Conseil International responsible for the unavailability of these third sites, nor of their contents, publicity nor any other elements. Satel Conseil International or Makoa could not, in any event, be held responsible for the contents of sites connected to its own site by hypertext links. The use of these sites falls fully on their author. The contents of these sites may have been modified without Satel Conseil International’s knowledge. Moreover, it is the responsibility of the user to take the necessary precautions to avoid any contamination of the site in particular by one or more viruses.
Availability of the Web site
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