Space Systems Consultancy

Support for RFP Preparation

In cooperation with its customers, SCI provides assistance in establishing the Request for Proposals (RFP)

An RFP for space systems generally includes the technical system requirements, those of the satellite itself (satellite, bus, payload and interfaces), the launch services and the associated ground system for operations.  To these documents are added others which present the Product assurance requirements, the design development plan and a draft contract .

This task is generally performed through various steps:

Step 1 : Mission requirements

The mission requirements form the basis of the definition of the main services to be provided by the satellite system.
The consultant gives special emphasis to:
- the achievability of performances and the constraints derived from the frequency coordination status
- the procurement strategy (in an in-orbit delivery contract, launch services, ownership transfer and risk management are often matters of discussion)
- The insurance scheme, which concerns the launch and the in-orbit beginning of life of the satellite.

Step 2: Drafting RFP

Most of the satellite operators follow standard procedures for writing the RFP in order to obtain industrial proposals which can be rapidly evaluated and compared.

An RFP is generally composed of the following documents:
      - instructions to bidders
      - statement of works
      - terms and conditions

The attachments include:
      - the technical specifications, which deal with the specifications of the spacecraft, ground control system & equipment
      - the product assurance plan
      - the test plan, which deals with the test plan philosophy as well as specific request in this matter
      - in-orbit tests, which deal with technical acceptance criteria as well as specific requests in this field
      - launch service requirements
      - launch insurance
      - contract and payment conditions.

Step 3: Finalizing the RFP

Following the drafting or the participation in drafting  the RFP documents, SCI and its client collaborate in the  final modifications and after the client's final approval, the RFP is released to selected space industrial companies.

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