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Systems Feasibility Studies

To assist in the evaluation of their project, operators or their financiers often require the services of an independent technical consultant to undertake feasibility and system definition studies for the design, development, manufacturing, launch and operations of a  satellite system. From the overall goals to be met by the project and in particular the basic choices for the services offered and the markets to be served, SCI can elaborate and propose configurations to its clients, enabling them to decide the final project to implement.

Such studies encompass inter-alia:

Analysis of the competitive environment and regulatory constraints
The status of the regulation is assessed based on the knowledge of existing or planned projects which may affect the projected system coordination and market penetration.

Definition of the basic elements of the satellite system
This definition encompasses the coverage areas, the number of transponders, the mass of the satellite, the launchers, the ground segment, the insurance and the operation of the satellite system.

Assessment of cost estimates, contingencies, escalation provisions and payment schedules
The program costs are compared with costs of other programs of similar nature. This is completed by a cost-benefit analysis of the various options for the system concept.

Qualitative and quantitative assessment of the project risks
This assessment includes risks such as:
- Commercial risks like changes in demand, changes in competition, changes in the financial environment,
- Risks such as regulatory restrictions, non-granting of necessary licences and landing rights, global and regional political insecurities, changes in national policy, etc.
- Technical risks like technology, launch failures, in-orbit anomalies etc.

Risk Mitigation
Based on this analysis, SCI provides an identification of the possible precautions to mitigate risks and optimise the chances of success of the project, together with an evaluation of possible costs and benefits of the precautions.

Elaboration of a programme development plan
Based on these assessments, SCI proposes to its client, through the elaboration of a programme development plan, the best strategy to achieve its expected space project.

SCI services are provided by highly qualified consultants. Due to their education and business experience on previous projects, the consultants have, in addition to their specialist knowledge, the necessary expertise to participate in the successful project completion.

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