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Frequency Coordination

Frequency Coordination

Frequency coordination is part of the services provided by SCI for developing new orbital frequency spectrum assets for our customers and protecting their interests with regard to their rights to use such frequencies in the framework of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

Frequency Coordination is a technical and regulatory process which is intended to remove or mitigate radio-frequency interference between different radio systems which utilize the same frequency. Successful frequency coordination is an essential requirement for registration with the ITU leading to allotment of orbital slots in the geostationary orbit for implementation of a satellite system. Coordination may involve negotiations between satellite operators to agree on what frequencies will be used and under what conditions. Coordination agreements proposed by operators are subject to the approval of their notifying administrations (i.e. national governmental spectrum regulators). After successful completion of the coordination procedure, the technical characteristics of the satellite network are permanently recorded in the ITU's Master International Frequency Register. This process, called "notification", is the final phase of bringing a satellite network into use.

Due to the limited space in the geostationary orbit and increased demand of orbital slots in the geostationary orbit, small orbital separations between satellites having the same coverage and frequency bands are becoming usual. This sharing of same frequency bands by an increasing number of satellites makes the frequency coordination process more and more complex. Therefore, frequency coordination is becoming more and more important for the feasibility of a satellite communication system. 

Frequency Coordination involves the following activities:

Analyses of Radio Spectrum Use and relevant Regulation

Filing of the Satellite Network at the International Telecommunication Union; at this stage:
- All administrations know the technical parameters of the intended network
- All operators (satellite and terrestrial) have the opportunity to determine if unacceptable interference is likely to be caused to their networks
- This gives them an opportunity to object

Frequency Coordination proper; this involves:
- Watching at new satellite network filings
- Discussing with other administrations and satellite operators
- Reaching technical and operational sharing agreements
- Gaining international recognition and protection on the Master International Frequency Register

SCI has the necessary tools and expertise to carry-out frequency coordination among satellite systems. Our customers are frequency administrations or satellite operators undertaking a formal regulatory process under the procedures of the Radio Regulations (a text established by the ITU for regulating the use and sharing of the radio frequency spectrum).

Good coordination strategies are becoming more and more important for the successful completion of the procedure. SCI is also able to develop the overall coordination strategy for our customers in relation to other satellite operators and organisations.

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