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Satellite Insurance, Risk Assessment

Launch and in-orbit satellite operations of space systems are often covered by insurance,particularly by telecommunication satellite operators.
The rates of these insurance contracts depend on two main factors:
- the financial capacity of the insurers to be proposed to the market
- previously encountered in-orbit satellite anomalies and launch failures

The rate for launch insurance may vary  depending on the selected launcher and the previous launch performances

The rate for initial in-orbit life insurance may vary  depending on the satellite type, the in-orbit records of the previous satellites of the same family and evidently the waranty duration requested by the operator.

Due to its good knowledge of this market, SCI can assist the Client during its negotiations with the insurance brokers.

As far as Risk Assessment is concerned, SCI, through its knowledge of the technical inheritage of the equipments composing the satellite and the previous anomalies encountered with some sub-systems during tests or in-orbit life, can help the Client to minimize the risks that could be encountered from the design phase and the manufacturing of the satellite up to the launch and in orbit tests to the final acceptance of the satellite.

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