Space Systems Consultancy

Assistance in Evaluation of Proposals

In order to have a first selection - or short list - of the industrial offers, SCI can be called to participate in a first evaluation which highlight :

     - the achievability of performances and the constraints derived from the main technical requirements
     - the procurement strategy (in an in-orbit delivery scheme)
     - the launch services procurement
     - the risk management
     - the test planning and the management plan
     - the terms and conditions of the financial proposals

A report of this analysis is prepared by SCI giving a list of the bidders to be selected in a short list for detailed evaluation and the main reasons for not selecting the other bidders.

Detailed evaluation of the short listed bids

Step 1: Analysis of questions and answers

Following the questions asked by the client and SCI to the bidders, all the responses are analysed in order to be fully informed and to conduct efficiently the evaluation of the short listed bidders.

Step 2:
Evaluation of the proposals

Each proposal is carefully analysed, from the technical aspects through to the financial and contractual terms.
As far as the technical evaluation of the spacecraft is concerned, the analysis is first carried out at the level of the main subsystems:

Payload : Antennas and  Transponders

     - Propulsion
     - SCAO
     - Power subsystem including solar generator and batteries
     - Thermal control subsystem
     - TCR subsystem
     - Mechanisms


They are numerous and concern the mechanisms,on board electronic, computers with software and hardware.

The consultant also evaluates the other documents constituing the  answers to the RFP:
- Ground control segment
- Launcher and launch operations
- Spacecraft Test plans
- Program management plan
- Quality insurance plan
- Risk management
- IOT plan

As far as the financial  and contractual evaluation is concerned, evaluation is carried out on  the draft contract, the system procurement duration details and the penalties accepted in case of delay, the ownership transfer conditions after launch, in-orbit positionning and acceptance tests as well as the Terms and Conditions and the payment plan.

Step 3: Ranking and presentation of the results

Based on the results of the previous step, the marks proposed by SCI relating to satellite, ground system, launch management, IOT, etc., as well as the commercial and financial terms and conditions, will be gathered for each short listed bidder for a final ranking after application of weighting factors to be agreed with the Client. The results of the evaluation, the ranking, as well as the reason for such ranking, will be reported, presented and discussed with the Client who will choose the successful bidder.

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