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Robert Blanc

Robert Blanc

Senior Partner, Satel Conseil International
Former Managing Director, Satel Conseil

Nationality: French

Education: Graduated with PhD in Microwave Engineering from the University of Grenoble

Languages: English, Spanish, French


After 6 years (1965 - 1971) of trajectory radar operations in the Missile Space Centre (CEL) at Biscarrosse (France), Robert Blanc joined CNES Space Centre in Kourou (French Guiana) where he worked as Head of the Department of Trajectography Measurements during five years (1971 - 1976).

On his return to CNES headquarters in Paris in 1976, he was in charge of managing co-operation agreements between CNES and Latin American space organisations, in particular with Brazil and Argentina. He continued managing Latin American operations at Satel Conseil for several years.  

He returned to the Guiana Space Centre, Kourou from 1986 to 1990, where he was appointed as Technical Director.

After rejoining CNES headquarters in Paris as Deputy Director for Financial Affairs, he was appointed as Managing Director of Satel Conseil in 1991.

Following 8 years of senior management as Managing Director of Satel Conseil and Executive Secretary of ESCO (European Satellite Consulting Organisation
comprising Satel Conseil, British Telconsult, Detecon et Telespazio), he became a Senior Consultant in space activities in 2000.

Having co-founded Satel Conseil International (SCI) in 2002, he is presently a Senior Partner of the company.

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